Winter Haircare Dos & Don’ts

Winter months come with their set of woes making good hair days a rare commodity. It isn’t wrong to say that the change in season is responsible for dry, frizzy, dandruff-prone hair, flaky scalp, and hair fall. It goes without saying that if you want to beat these common winter hair concerns you must ensure a committed haircare routine. Here is a guide according to Ayurveda:

Easy Hair care tips

1. Always wash your hair at room temperature or cool water, never use hot water on the hair as it weakens the hair roots and further triggers hair fall.

2. Use a wooden comb to detangle the hair once dry, never comb wet hair as it is prone to breakage. Towel dry the hair and avoid using heating tools such as hair dryers, tongs, and flat iron.

3. Do not brush the hair excessively, especially wavy and curly hair need not be brushed. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and then style accordingly.

4. Make sure to go for regular haircuts or trimming every three months, to avoid split ends and keep them manageable.

5. Use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo & conditioners as these are safe for use and do not over-dry the scalp or hair.

Winter Hair care routine

Hair Oiling - Ayurveda strongly suggests the usage of hair oil prepared with potent herbs with a base of cold-pressed oils to enhance the benefits of its application on the scalp. Since dryness is a major concern during this season leading to various scalp concerns make sure to warm and then massage until penetrated into the hair follicles while also relaxing the mind. Use KE Neem Hair Oil as it has anti-bacterial and anti-hair fall properties that help in keeping the hair healthy and strong.

Hair Mask - Frizziness, hair breakage, damage, and dryness is a common observation in this season, and in order to combat this using hair masks is a great option. Hair masks are rich mixtures of repairing herbs, nourishing oils and moisturising benefits that help revive the hair from the root to the tip. These must be used at least once a week, preferably pre-shampoo on dry hair and left on for about 30 mins for maximum absorption then rinsed off. Use K.E. Onion Hair Mask regularly to prevent the seasonal hair fall and dandruff.

Herbal hair steam - The hair tends to remain damp and develop bacterial infections in this season. Ayurveda suggests herbal steam known as “Dhupan” with herbs such as Guggul(Indian Myrrh), Vacha(Sweet flag), Neem, Chandan known for deodorising and anti-bacterial benefits. Make sure to do this post hair wash, after towel drying the hair by allowing the herbal smoke to seep into the hair follicles and tresses.

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