Aloe vera for healthy hair and flawless skin

Aloe vera is one herb that is versatile in its usage when it comes to the benefits it provides internally in the diet as well as externally for application. Although it is deemed fit for human consumption, let us focus on the tips and tricks for making the most of it in haircare as well as body care. Here are a few benefits of Aloe vera as mentioned in the Ayurvedic scriptures:

1. Hydration

When applied on the parched skin and scalp, it helps in balancing the water loss from the skin by forming a protective layer on the surface. This makes for an excellent ingredient in soaps, body lotion, face wash, and face serum. So next time you go skincare shopping, do look out for this in your products.

2. Healing

It treats rashes, burns, irritated skin, flaky scalp, dandruff, and minor eruptions due to anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. These benefits can be experienced by applying the fresh pulp from the leaf directly on the skin or using it with other ingredients for whipping a hair mask, as it never fails to surprise you with great results!

3. Hair growth

The herb has specialised properties that help in improving hair growth, making hair shiny, strong, and lustrous. To experience these benefits you may try the Khadi Essentials Aloe, Neem and Tea tree Shampoo followed by Aloe vera Conditioner regularly.

4. Softening

As a natural source of vitamin c, it helps in making the skin soft, lightens uneven skin tone, and repairs the skin. Here is an easy DIY: Take 1 leaf of aloe vera, remove the pulp by splitting open the leaf and scrapping it. With the help of a blender, make the juice of the pulp and add a vitamin E capsule into this mixture. Transfer into a spray bottle and use as a toner. Store in the refrigerator and use up within a week.

5. Soothing

It has refreshing properties that help soothe and cool the area of application. It is a go-to ingredient for bathing and can be incorporated with the Khadi Essentials Aloe vera soap for best results.

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