Guide to Choose The Best Shampoo for your Hair

Selecting a shampoo revolves around many factors such as hair concerns, scalp type, season, weather conditions and exposure to environmental conditions. Once you have been able to address these, then look at the suitable ingredients that would help achieve the desired results. A word of caution, be patient and consistent with the routine as it would take 3-4 weeks to show progress or suitability of the regime.

Here is a quick guide to help you make the best choice in the first step of hair care:

Check your Scalp Health

Every person has a different type of scalp, ranging from a predisposition toward dryness to having an oily, greasy, dandruff-prone, or infection-prone scalp. As a result, the shampoo that is best for them will differ. For example, Ayurvedic herbs like Aloe vera, Neem, and Tea Tree would be suited for scalps prone to dandruff, oily, and greasy, while Coconut Milk, Sandalwood and Banana Shampoo would be best for dry scalps.

As Per Seasons

During dry, cold and windy weather, use a nourishing shampoo with oil-based ingredients such as Argan, Lotus, Bhringraj, Coconut Milk. If the weather is hot, humid and dry, herbs like Red Onion, Sandalwood, Aloe vera & Banana based shampoos work effectively.

Quality of Water

The pH of the scalp impacts the suitability of the shampoo and the quality of water used for hair wash. If hard water is used for hair washing, this might affect the potency of the shampoo, as it won’t lather, and the scalp might not get appropriately cleansed. Those with oily scalp have high pH and therefore require neutralising ingredients to enable removal of sweat, dirt and oil.

Environmental Factors

To have a healthy scalp, one must shampoo according to sweat, dirt and oil production exposure. It is unnecessary to overuse shampoo, as it disrupts the normal pH of the scalp, and it is essential to shampoo frequently enough to prevent excess oils on the surface of hair & scalp. The ideal number of times for hair wash is 2-3 times a week.

Temperature of Water

The water's temperature also impacts hair's condition in the long run. Ayurveda suggests using cool or normal water for hair washing and refraining from using hot water as it weakens hair roots and causes hair fall.

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