From Indian born and bred personality Anshita Juneja (founder of the ‘Vanity No Apologies’ blog) to billionaire cum model Kim Kardashian, skincare influencing has reached interstellar proportions. Using Instagram as a blank canvas, beauty care influencers unleash their creative designs, capturing the hearts of millennial congregations across the globe. But subject to the whims and fancies of an eagerly awaiting fanbase, influencing in 2018 has reached a stage where chemical products are being shown out the door and natural products for skin care are receiving warm welcomes.

This is great news for organic skin care brands. Instagram offers one of the highest active social media user bases, and with help of the right skincare influencer, you can reach audiences exponentially larger than you’d thought possible! So read on to learn how influencing for natural skin care products is done right.

Reviews & Interviews

Glowing reviews of your organic skin care products by a skincare influencer can generate colossal leads. By allowing the influencer to share promo codes that offer discounts on products, not only are you encouraging users to buy products, but it also enables you to accurately track the effectiveness of the influencer campaign.

Ask your social media star to interview famous personalities on beauty tips and skin care insights, organically bringing up your organic skin care brand in the process. The recent craze for organic products offers great talking points and is sure to pique interest amongst followers.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The fastest way to sell a skincare product is advertising a ‘look’. While skincare influencers are normally averse to using new and unknown products on themselves, they are far more comfortable making use of organic skin care products.

Request them to show off that young, radiant skin and let the world know it’s your brand they are wearing!

Contests & Prizes

Instagram polls and contests can accomplish in a single day, what months of marketing effort may not. For example, a poll on what users think the best skin care product is can give you indispensable data on possible new product ideas and a precise image of what is currently in demand.

Contests are great at engaging customers and showing them the human aspect of your organic skin care brand. By offering prizes and giveaways, you can provide an incentive for further customer engagement and a means to attracting new customers.

As people increasingly turn to natural products for skin care, it is the perfect time for your organic skin care brand to capture the market with well-worded content and a helping hand from these networking specialists! Head over to Khadi Essentials for more on best natural skin care routines and natural ways to healthy living.

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