In today’s digital world, trends aren’t limited to any single area or locale. Headlines from even opposite ends of the world have far-reaching impacts, and social media is the channel responsible for promoting this interconnectedness across cultures and countries. But even with such a direct chain of communication, it is very rare for trends to go viral simultaneously across the world. Yet one such trend gaining popularity globally is the rising interest in organic skincare brands!

Such demands deserve a deeper glance into the reasons why. So let us explore why organic skin care brands have become so popular!

Technology & Awareness
It is no secret that technology has reached a level of refinement never seen before. But what is more interesting to behold is the way technological evolution has influenced our habits, from the way we interact with each other right down to our hair and skin care routines.

Digital apps and calendars have made it easy for people to keep track of daily routines and hair and skin care regimens, further encouraging the use of organic skin care products on a regular basis.

Technology has also increased the ease of availability of information regarding the benefits of various ingredients in skin care products. This greater awareness about the harmful effects of chemical products in skin care has steered customers towards making informed decisions and thus choosing the best natural organic skincare brands, for healthier results and negligible side effects. Holistic, wholesome lifestyles and the use of organic skin care brands have simply managed to generate greater appeal than their toxic chemical counterparts!

Yet another advantage technology offers is online shopping! Whether it’s skin care products you’re looking for or a platform to order ayurvedic products online – it’s all just a click away!

But wait, there’s more! In what seems like a scene straight out of a sci-fi film, the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) to hair and skin care has revolutionized the way customers today shop for organic skin care products. AR lets people directly try out different forms of natural makeup and foundation on their face before buying, allowing them to experience the results and make better shopping decisions.

New Demographics

Skin care products have started targeting newer demographics in hopes of attracting larger audiences. Take for example new hair and skin products targeted at men that are steadily emerging in the market; or the ones targeted at millennials!

These young trendsetting millennials, steadily immersed in social media culture, initially showed little interest for hair and skin care, but as they too face signs of aging – skin care products start to seem more attractive. However as socially and environmentally conscious individuals, which type of skin care products do you think millennials would gravitate towards? Organic of course!

All signs point to a long and prosperous reign of organic skin care brands. Don’t get left behind, start building your organic hair and skin care inventory with Khadi Essentials today! Find your products at

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