Shrouded in the mysteries of ancient rituals and application, the secret practices of Ayurveda are as elusive as they are effective in holistically healing our body, mind, and spirit. Passed down orally from one generation to the next, knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs today is greatly open to interpretation, but their effects are not! The eternal march of time has seen retail stores turn into e-commerce websites and less than honest competition trying to peddle inferior quality Ayurvedic herbs with diminished potency. In this digital era, a touch of traditional and authentic Ayurveda can move mountains. Here to assist you on the journey to mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing is a list of the 5 most genuine platforms to order ayurvedic products online.

#1 Khadi Essentials

Since Ayurveda first graced our shores it has been incorporated in an encyclopedic variety of medicinal modi operandi. Ayurvedic herbs bear the incredible potential to strengthen hair and skin care while offering the best natural solutions for a myriad of ailments. Khadi Essentials leverages the immense and ancient power of Ayurveda to create organic skincare products and healthcare products alike.

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#2 Kama Ayurveda

Over a decade of selling ayurvedic herbs and products has helped Kama Ayurveda create a strong presence in the natural wellness industry. Their products range from self-grooming to healthcare. Kama Ayurveda is a trusted site to order ayurvedic products online.

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#3 Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials creates a luxurious twist on ancient Ayurveda, merging modern sentimentality with traditional ayurvedic practices. On their site you will come across products that infuse ayurvedic herbs with 24 karat gold film, catering to the high-end market of beauty care.

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#4 Aryanz Herbal

Started off as a brick and mortar herbal and yoga clinic in Amritsar under the epithet of Ayurveda Yogashram, Aryanz Herbal has grown its following through a diverse range of ayurvedic products, promising the use of pure ingredients and positive results.

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#5 Planet Ayurveda

Armed with an MD in Ayurveda, Dr. Vikram Chauhan created Planet Ayurveda as a platform to order ayurvedic products online, with complete assurance of authenticity and power of the healthcare supplement.

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While any one of these trusted platforms is a safe bet to order ayurvedic products online, for best natural care be sure to look through the amazing range of products at Khadi Essentials!

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