Marketing can create indelible impressions on customers, turning even the smallest brand into a global viral phenomenon. To do so you must have a clear strategy in mind, a bit of luck and a whole lot of business acumen. Intense effort is required to create waves in the market, but with these 5 tips in mind, you can easily turn your organic skincare brand into an international sensation, one on the lips and minds of every beauty care enthusiast!

It may seem like a mixture of magic and luck, but know that marketing is as much science as it is art. Generating leads and creating interest in your organic skin care brand is something that takes dedication and an accurate assessment of the market. Even for those who have hit a wall of diminishing returns, there is hope yet. Follow these five simple steps and you will soon be on your way to beauty care stardom.

Step 1: The Vision

Attention spans today barely last seconds. As such, any customer that lands on your website or social media page should have an absolutely clear idea of what your brand does within the first 3 seconds. There is no room for ambiguity! If the customer doesn’t understand what you are trying to sell, it’s a lead you have already lost.

Focus on branding your hair and skin care products. A well-known brand name provides enormous credibility and helps move new products off the shelf. A crucial aspect of branding is the tagline. Create a tagline which rolls off the tongue and simultaneously explains exactly what you do.

Step 2: Identify Strengths

When it comes to marketing, identifying strengths translates to assessing what makes your product stand out. It involves using your product’s unique selling points to creating a marketing strategy. So find something that clearly sets you apart from the competition!

For an organic skincare brand such as Khadi Essentials, this meant focusing on our use of the best natural ingredients. Take for example the Khadi Essentials germanium based essential oil. Germanium is a naturally occurring ingredient that helps balance hormones, improves radiance, tightens skin – making it firm and thereby toning muscles, as well as improving blood circulation for those who suffer from cold extremities.

These unique features should be highlighted across labels and packaging. Words such as ‘best natural’ could be cast in bold for extra effect.

Step 3: Bold Imagery

Drive the point home by hiring a professional photographer to create eye-catching product catalogs. Incorporate creative and unconventional backgrounds to further draw attention to your skin care products. Social media fans thrive on aesthetically pleasing photos; a diverse collection of vibrant HD images can create new leads faster than any advert. Social media is an enormous platform for the youth demographic, the demographic most concerned with blemish free skin. A single well-placed photo can generate millions of views and create new trends overnight.

Step 4: Hashtag Research

Most marketing rookies make the mistake of targeting popular hashtags. But for small companies, this is sure to fail strategy. Competition for such hashtags is enormous, resulting in your content getting buried under larger organic skin care brands. Instead pick a smaller but equally relevant hashtag, then build it up. Popular hashtags become a viable option once you have a strong following.

Step 5: Customer Engagement

Marketing effectiveness is most judged by a) reach and b) engagement. Reach is defined as the number of new leads generated and the number of customers you have managed to display content to, while customer engagement is the level of involvement your content gets, in form of likes, shared, retweets, etc. In our opinion customer engagement is a far more important metric, as it helps to develop a loyal fan base and spread positive buzz through word of mouth.

Let us consider one successful Khadi Essentials marketing campaign, focused on winter beauty care tips. We marketed a fantastic organic skin care product – namely body butter, as the best natural moisturizer for the coming winter. We described in great detail, the restorative properties of coconut milk, a major component of our all organic body butter. Coconut milk helps heal dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels and has unbelievable anti-aging properties. Now that we had the attention of our fan base, we encouraged customers to leave feedback after trying it out for themselves, asking them for before and after photos after using the product for a week.

The result was spectacular. Not only did it create a lot of interaction from our fan base, but also helped show new customers the positive effects of the product. It was free advertising from an unbiased source – increasing our credibility and attracting new customers.

For more insights or to simply browse through our incredible line of organic hair and skin care products, be sure to visit Khadi Essentials – the best natural organic skincare brand!

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